Taller Girlfriend – What To Do?

Relative heights (or, who has a taller girlfriend anyway?)

We all know well enough that it’s far more common for a man to be taller than the woman in a relationship. In a general sense, this is because the height of the average man is significantly higher than that of the average woman. If we are talking numbers, the average man stands at 5 foot 10, towering over the average woman at 5 foot 5. And the younger generation is getting taller and taller, with 6 foot now being the cited average height for young men, and 5 foot 7 the average height for young women.

What does this mean for short guys? Well it wasn’t too long ago that 5 foot 8 was the national average for a man in the UK. Today, being this height puts you at being only slightly above the typical height of a female undergraduate. So a guy under this height is going to have some seriously limited options when it comes to dating girls, it simply goes the grain.

“Hang on, you can’t say that!” Well, just think for a minute. The main reason the younger generation is taller is that their tall parents had more success in the dating game.

The big problem is this…

We live in a so-called “tolerant” society. There are fair intentions that we should live happy lives irrespective of our individual beliefs and physical nature – you don’t necessarily have to agree with your neighbour, but the honourable thing is to agree to get along. And I suppose this is fine.

Part of this is that there are rules in place that indirectly stop bigger people trampling over the smaller – bullying and violence are not tolerated. In actual fact, the rules don’t really stop this behaviour rather than allow it to continue underhand and sweep it under the carpet. It is well known that tall men find it easy to charm their way up the career ladder, earning more than short men despite not doing any real work, and this extra wealth obviously opens doors for the beneficiary in the capitalist setup. In summary, tall men are viewed as genetically and financially superior, and a much sought after dating prospect.

Ever heard a girl talk about height and that this doesn’t matter to girls? But she would never date a short guy as they “aren’t her thing”. And then every girl says that, shifting the blame around.

Have a look at some dating profiles.


Have a look at some rants about short men that “creep girls out”.

Watch some advertisements geared towards women.

What do you think now?

But what if you do have a taller girlfriend?

If you somehow managed to achieve this feat, congratulations! It’s great to counter social norms and show guys and girls of all sizes what is possible if two people genuinely love each other.

How does this happen? It often happens where teenagers fall in love and the girl has a growth spurt, leaving her fella in the dust. And for some adults, it’s just worked out that way for one reason or another, that a short guy has managed to click with a girl higher up on the measuring tape.

However, there are going to be some naysayers out there. I’m afraid to say that to most folk, the guy looks like a child when standing next to his taller girlfriend. You get people asking if she wears heels, and when you retaliate you are accused of having “short man syndrome”. And you certainly don’t want your girl to start developing an unhealthy interest in the taller guys who are talking bad about your relationship behind your backs.

So it’s well worth having a look and seeing what options are available to the short guy for whom a few inches might either make him and his girlfriend happier and more secure in the relationship, or improve his chances in dating and career going forwards in the long term.

Leg lengthening surgery

Yes, I stood back in amazement as well the first time I heard about leg lengthening surgery! Nobody told you it was possible to get taller in adulthood. But there really is a cosmetic procedure available that makes you taller, with 3 inches being added to your natural height. In some cases, more than this can be achieved.

Just look at the photo of the couple on this site. Post-surgery, that guy is not only taller, but his whole frame has changed. Before he looked scrawny and shambling, now he looks masculine, his chest and shoulders seem proportionally larger and he radiates confidence and pride. In fact he isn’t necessarily confident or bigger, it’s an illusion caused by his legs being longer. This demonstrates how ingrained our perception of bigger people is in the psyche eg. all round better!

That sounds easy, doesn’t it! So why don’t all short guys do it?

First of all, you need some serious money, well into the five figure sums, and that is the first stumbling block for short guys, as they are usually lower earners.

It’s also not the case that you turn up for surgery one morning and walk out that afternoon minding your head on the door on the way out. The process essentially involves breaking your legs and regrowing them, and you therefore have to go through the same pain, recuperation time and course of physiotherapy as would somebody who had been involved in a serious accident. It’s pretty gorey and there’s a lot at stake, but if it changes short mens’ lives for the better then that’s a great thing.

I have a ton of respect for guys that bite the bullet and go for this, but I think many might draw the line at such drastic surgery in reality, although in theory it’s very appealing.

Shoe lifts and elevator shoes

Well a woman can wear heels, so why can’t a man fudge his height as well?

Shoe lifts are a type of insole that slip into regular shoes and give you a discreet boost in height. Elevator shoes are designed specifically for this purpose. In both cases, you simply cannot tell that there is some trickery going on in the shoe that makes that person taller.

Here is what shoe lifts look like:

An instant couple of inches in height – it can make all the difference, seriously! Check them out at UK and US stores.

Elevator shoes are simply designed to look like real shoes, but they give you a similarly big boost in height. They come in all sorts of styles, even formal ones which are great for job interviews:

You can buy these here.

Some might question what the point is of frauding your height. Well, it isn’t a case of fooling your girlfriend, or your friends even, but being respected by the common man on the street. Who cares if you are short again once you have your shoes off? Having those extra inches in height when in public just makes people who don’t know you treat you better.

Listen to the girl in this video who says these guys now have a “glow” simply because they are taller. It’s quite astounding.

Exercise and routine to help increase height

This is where most short guys tend to start in the journey to getting taller. If you can make some lifestyle changes that encourage better posture and hopefully eke out some extra bone growth, this is the easiest and best value for money route to get taller.

The theory is that certain exercises can help extend the bones in the body, through a combination of posture adjustments and permanent bone growth. Also all elements of your life, how you sit, walk and sleep, are scrutinised in order to deliver the best possible height gains. The plan is supplemented by a diet designed to stimulate the production of growth hormone, which is of course is critical to all this working.

The benefit of engaging in an exercise program is that height can be increased quite rapidly, sometimes in a matter of weeks, in a far safer way than the cosmetic procedures discussed above. It is also more “legitimate” than just going around in shoe lifts, as your height out of shoes will be 100% irrefutably genuine.

The leading program for increasing height via exercise and nutrition can be found here. Lots of nifty details and advice are included in the pack, so have a read, check out the testimonials and note that this program is highly effective and delivered with such conviction that there’s even a money back guarantee, so there’s really nothing to lose and no excuses for not giving it a shot.

Imagine a world where…

  • you are treated like an adult and a first class citizen
  • people are careful what they are saying to you before opening their mouths
  • you are on an equal footing in any competitive environment
  • women want to date you and you don’t have to suffer any stigma of having a taller girlfriend

This is all achievable, but you have to put in the investment. Time, determination and a modest spend could push your life way beyond what you thought you ever deserved. Don’t delay in growing taller now, every day counts.

Just remember, many guys you walk past in the street towering over you may have been where you were merely months ago. They paid attention to maximising their height through exercise or wearing shoe lifts, and it’s very likely they might be doing both. Be one of them.